Mohair, the shorn wool of Angora goats is the basic material of all our skins. Being one of the most exclusive natural fibers available, Mohair offers excellent properties:

With a diameter of merely 0.03 mm Mohair is the lightest textile fiber and yet extremely robust and durable. As a natural hollow fiber it stays smooth and flexible even at very low temperatures.

100% Mohair offering optimum gliding characteristics is used in our contour guide and race range.

The hybrid, easy and basic models are made of a 70/30 Mohair/synthetic mixture and offer not only good gliding but also a very high resistance to abrasion.

Using a dry edge laminate between the pile and base material, our skins are absolutely water-proof. Water absorption at the trimmed edge is minimized.

All pre-shaped skins offer treated edges.

Research & Development

In order to steadily improve the quality of our products we cooperate with the technology-center for ski and alpine sports at the University of Innsbruck. At the unique linear tribometer, we can measure friction on different types of snow and at variable temperatures.

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