The Varioclip makes it possible to change the wire tip buckle easily to suit the width and shape of the ski tip. Wire buckle widths range from 75 to 115 mm, with special z-buckle for skis with a hole. Changing the wire buckle does not require any tools and the skins can even be shortended if necessary. 3 pins pierce through the skin fabric and secure the skin in place once the Varioclip is locked. This system allows us to customize our hybrid skins to fit absolutely any type of ski.

tail clip (hybrid, guide)

The adjustable tail clip can be fixed onto any ski tail, even twin tip skis. The strap is seamlessly attached to the skin using high-frequency welding without any rivets.

Folding clip with wire buckle

The simplest skin mounting system. Slide the skin through the buckle and fix the fold in place using the folding clip. This allows for a very short overlap which prevents snow ingress betwenn the skin and ski base. Wire buckles are available in widths from 50 mm up to 115 mm.

easy tip buckle with Velcro® (easy, splitboard)

Innovative mounting system that uses Velcro to stick the tip buckle to the skin. Prevents snow ingress between the skin and ski base and prevents drag at the tip.

shark tail hook (all-in-one)

Allows length adjusment at the tail of the skin. Slide the shark tail hook over the end of the skin and fix it on both side by hammering the teeth in place.

rubber tip fix (basic)

Classical mounting system with rubber tip fix and stainless steel tail hook. UV resistant rubber. Tip fix buckle available in 3 width.

race tip

Skins mounted and ripped off ultra-fast. Extremely lightweight: just 7.5 gm each


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