Mohair, the shorn wool of Angora goats, is the basic fibre used for all of our skins. Being one of the most unique natural fibres available, Mohair has excellent properties for climbing skins:

With a diameter of just 0.03 mm and hollow inside, Mohair is extremely fine yet highly robust and durable. It remains supple and effective even in the coldest temperatures.

We use 100% Mohair plush for the contour guide, hybrid pure and race ranges to provide the best glide performance. The hybrid mix, easy and basic ranges are made of 65% Mohair / 35 % synthetic blend and offer not only good glide performance but also very high abrasion resistance.

The Mohair yarn is produced in compliance with the Mohair Sustainable Guidelines.

Using a dry edge laminate between the plush and base material, our skins are fully waterproof. Water absorption on the trimmed edge is therefore minimized.

Research & Development

We have teamed up with the Technological Centre for Ski and Alpine Sports at the University of Innsbruck so that we can keep improving the quality of our products. Using their unique linear tribometer, allows us to measure friction on different types of snow and in varying temperatures.

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