The solution for the diverse requirements of rental use.

Ski touring is a trend sport! The demand in high-class rental equipment is increasing enormously.
The completely newly developed guide rent skins stand out due to their particularly wear-resistant mohair blend material in the new “curry” colour as well as the various attachment options and the proven performance of traditional hot-melt adhesive technology.

  • Due to the vario clip at the tip, buckles of various widths, z-buckles (for skis with holes, such as Fischer/K2) or race rubbers (for skis with a notch, such as Dynafit) can be used and easily exchanged without any tools. Wire buckles (85 mm width) are included, other options are available as accessories.
  • The tail clip sits flush, even on rounded ski tails. For tails that are thicker than 5 mm we recommend using the ‘wide’ tail clip.

Trimmable, width 115 mm. Cut to length, but can be adjusted as needed.

plush Mohair blend rent
adhesive hot melt
tip attachment vario tip
tail attachment tail clip
models trimmable, width 115 mm
allround - expert
piste - powder
outdooractive platform - API Template

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