We are proud partners of the
German Alpine and Ski Guide Association (VDBS) 

Being a mountain / ski guide requires taking on a lot of responsibility and earning the trust of your clients. That’s why getting the best training for the position is so important. The VDBS not only offers training to the level of State Certified Mountain and Ski Guide but also organises further training schemes for its members in avalanche awareness, guiding techniques for freeriders and other key topics. 

Trust is a big part of being in the mountains. Being in the mountains also involves using specialist equipment that you can rely on. Being able to trust your guide and trust in yourself and being able to rely on your equipment are key components for a good day in the mountains.

The guides at the VDBS Guides will now be able to rely on our contour skins. It was the quality of our ‘Made in Austria’ skins that really impressed the mountain specialists at the VDBS. 

And when moving through the mountains throughout the year, don’t forget our snowline spikes for secure footing over tricky terrain. Snowline is now also an equipment partner of the VDBS.

Snowshoeing is a trend that’s here to stay and is fast developing into a mainstream winter sport. We’ve made our TUBBS snowshoes available to the VDBS members to provide them with reliable backup equipment in the backcountry. 

Three partnerships under one roof – that’s what we call good networking! We’re really looking forward to all the feedback and advice from the VDBS which will help us make our products even better.



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