Atlas Range Trail

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Range Trail

The highlight of the Range-TRAIL is the slim Wrapp™ stretch binding with the intuitive two-buckle closure that allows easy entry and exit as well as a secure fit and perfect comfort. The one-piece Reactiv-Trac™ frame with durable Nytex Infinity canopy guarantees the necessary lift in deeper snow. In addition, the side rails in combination with the TRAIL climbing prongs provide sufficient grip when walking uphill and downhill as well as when traversing sideways. The 19° climbing aid supports the legs on steep trails to reduce calf muscle fatigue and tendon strain.

  • Reactiv-Trac™ frame and Nytex Infinity canopy provide stability and buoyancy
  • Wrapp™ Stretch-Binding
  • TRAIL climbing teeth for perfect grip uphill, downhill and sideways
  • Pivot Limiter
Model Size Weight User weight
Range-TRAIL 22 WMN 21 x 56 cm 1,4 kg up to 70 kg
Range-TRAIL 26 MEN 21 x 64 cm 1,5 kg up to 90 kg
Range-TRAIL 30 MEN 21 x 76 cm 1,7 kg 70 – 115 kg
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