For more safety and fun on the mountain!

Ski skins must have good adhesion, glide and water repellency so as not to compromise the touring experience. With our SKIFELL SERVICE you don’t have to worry anymore. We also take care of repairs!

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For more safety and fun on the mountain!

Because our climbing skins are made from a valuable, natural raw material, we are committed to maximizing the life expectancy of the organic mohair.

But what happens when the ski touring skins no longer adhere properly? If they are damaged or dirty? These and other factors can have a negative impact on the touring experience and sometimes dangerous situations can arise. It’s also just more fun to tackle steep and difficult passages without having an uneasy feeling in the back of your mind about whether the skin will hold up or not.

Whether it’s a piste tour, the daily training tour up the local mountain, a short intermediate ascent when freeriding, a traverse lasting several days or still the classic ski tour in the winter wonderland – it’s most fun when you can rely on your equipment without compromise.

And this is where we come in again! Thanks to our SKIN-SERVICE you don’t have to worry in the future if your skin adheres well, glides and is also water-repellent at the same time. If additional small repairs are necessary, we will gladly take care of them for you as well!

Everything about the adhesive

  • Glue renewal – removal of the old glue and renewal with the proven contour hot glue.
  • Hybrid adhesive – remove dust, wax and other contaminants from adhesive surface and restore adhesive strength
  • Adhesive fur and no more release liner? Simply order a contour Storage Mesh and a new pack sack.

Everything about the coat

  • Re-impregnation of the coat to prevent the stud in changing snow conditions.
  • Small repairs (e.g. riveting, sewing, hoops, straps, end hooks) – directly from professionals


Only original contour spare parts are used.

If possible, send us a photo in advance for evaluation to make sure the coat can be repaired.

To note: Only contour brand classic hot melt skins and hybrid skins are accepted. Other brands (due to the different composition of adhesives), as well as adhesion skins are not processed.

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