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hybrid mix

Mohair blend material ensures maximum durability and good gliding performance.hybrid adhesive technology makes these skins super-easy to use.

It’s the little details that make the difference:

  • quick and easy customisation with the included hybrid cutter The ski edges remain free without the need to reposition the skins.
  • The tail clip fits perfectly, even on rounded ski tails. For tails thicker than 5 mm, the use of the ‘wide’ tailclip is recommended.

Trimming set includes offset cutter, cleaning wipes and stuff sack with microfibre cloth to clean and dry the ski base before applying the skins.

hybrid 2-layer adhesive: hybrid is the first-ever twin layer adhesive technology for climbing skins. The adhesive layer reliably holds the skin to the ski base, can be effortlessly removed, leaves no residue and works excellently even at low temperatures and on multiple ascents. A second layer of adhesive creates the bond between the skin backing and the adhesive layer.

The adhesive strength of the hybrid adhesive layer can be impaired by contamination on the surface. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the stickiness of the hybrid adhesive layer.
Tip: Persistent stains (e.g. wax residues) can be removed very easily by using the hybrid cleaning spray or the cleaning wipes.

Material 65 % mohair / 35 % synthetic blend
Adhesive hybrid
Tip attachment tip fix and wire buckle
Tail attachment tail clip
Models trimmable, widths 115 & 135 mm

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