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Winter hiking

Sledging ascents

Snow slopes and glaciated terrain

A reliable companion in moderate terrain

Chainsen Walk

The Chainsen Walk is the perfect choice for various uses in moderate terrain. With 12 mm long spikes and very little weight, it provides sure-footed grip on snowy or muddy footpaths.

  • 10 stainless steel spikes with a length of 12 mm
  • robust elastomer rubber construction for a secure, snug fit around sturdier winter/mountain footwear
  • incl. stuff sack

Materials: Chain + spikes made of hardened stainless steel
Rubber: High-tech elastomer, tested down to – 60 °C.

Model Shoe size – lighter footwear Shoe size – heavier footwear / boots Weight
Walk M 36–40 35–39 280 g
Walk L 40–44 39–43 300 g
Walk XL 44–48 43–47 340 g
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