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hybrid skins

hybrid is the first-ever twin layer adhesive technology for climbing skins. The adhesive layer reliably holds the skin to the ski base, can be effortlessly removed, leaves no residue and works excellently even at low temperatures and on multiple ascents. A second layer of adhesive creates the bond between the skin backing and the adhesive layer.

The result: hybrid technology combines all the advantages of so-called “glueless” skins with the proven properties of hot melt adhesive skins.

EASYTRIM FIT: All contour hybrid cut skins are ‘easytrim fit’, for easy, buttery smooth fur cutting with the hybrid cutter. The highlight is the division of the cover foil into 3 longitudinal strips – before cutting, only the middle strip is pulled off and the fur is mounted.

Cutting then takes place much more smoothly and cleanly with the hybrid knife along the still covered cut edges. The steel edges of the ski remain free, the skin does not need to be moved. Finally, remove the edge strips of the film and you’re done!

  • Effort-saving handling: The adhesive glues can be separated effortlessly.
  • No tiresome recoating: The adhesive layer can be reactivated simply by cleaning.
  • Perfect adhesion: even when struck several times.
  • Reliable: Adheres even at extremely low temperatures.

Care instructions: The adhesive strength of the hybrid adhesive layer is impaired by dirt on the surface. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the stickiness of the hybrid adhesive layer. Persistent stains (e.g. wax residues) can be removed very easily by using the hybrid cleaning spray or the cleaning wipes.


Hotmelt adhesive technology is the classic par excellence. Whether it’s a day ski tour or multi-day traverses with lots of uphill and downhill passages, the Hotmelt adhesive skin won’t let you down and has high adhesive strength in all temperature ranges.

Another plus is the small pack size and when using the protective film, even pulling the skins apart is no problem.

What happens when the adhesive strength wears off after many uses in the snow?

The adhesive strength can be restored with the help of contour adhesive. The contour transfer tapes also allow the entire adhesive layer to be renewed – this works with simple iron-on.

  • Proven handling: thanks to classic hotmelt adhesive technology.
  • Easy recoating: Restore adhesive strength with contour pressure-sensitive adhesive from the tube or contour transfer tape for iron-on application.
  • Reliable adhesion: High adhesive strength in all temperature ranges, even with multiple skinning.

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