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The vario front clip, which has been completely redesigned for 14/15, makes it easy to swap the matching suspension bracket. Available stirrups from 75 to 115 mm wide, as well as versions for skis with hole. 3 needles penetrate the fur when folded and fix it securely. The bracket can be replaced without tools, and the fur can even be shortened if necessary. Thus, the vario front clip enables perfect skin mounting on a wide variety of ski shovels.

tailclip (for hybrid, guide)

The adjustable tailclip holds on each ski end and is fixed in no time. Thanks to the cross slot, the tailclip can even be securely fixed on TwinTip skis. The flap is laminated directly onto the end of the skin – without annoying rivets.

Hanging bracket with front clip

The simplest form of fur fixation: The fur is put through the appropriate hooking bracket, the cover is fixed by means of a plastic clip. This allows a very short envelope in the shovel area, penetration of snow under the fur is effectively prevented. Hanging brackets are available in widths from 50 to 115 mm.

Easy Velcro fixation (easy, splitboard)

Innovative fastening system with Velcro fixation at the tip of the ski. The skin already sticks to the ski base in the shovel area without any tension. This prevents snow penetration and reduces sliding resistance when tracking in deep snow.

shark end hook (all-in-one)

Allows length adjustment at the end of the skin – slide the shark hook onto the end of the skin and mount on both sides by simply hitting it without rivets

Rubber tensioner (basic)

Classic fastening method, proven and functional for decades. Available with stirrup widths 65, 75, and 85 mm. UV resistant rubber compound. Disadvantageous for wide skis with flat shovel, because here snow can easily penetrate under the skin.

Race fixation

Lightning fast to mount and remove, extremely lightweight solution: weight only 7.5 g / pcs.

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